Performing Arts

The Music program supports all school liturgies and musical productions throughout the school year.  The Performing Arts sing at masses and all holy day masses, and perform at special occasion assemblies.  Singing, playing instruments, moving to music, and creating music enable children to acquire musical skills and knowledge that can be developed in no other way.  Reading music gives children a skill with which to explore music independently.  Listening to and analyzing music are important building blocks of musical learning.

The students will have opportunities to use musical instruments, improvise melodies, read and notate music. They will understand relationships copy-of-st-as-christmas-concert-179-of-219between music and the arts and music in relation to history. Religious hymns are learned and sung at mass and special liturgies.

Music is taught to all grades kindergarten through grade 8.  Lower and Upper School have music once a week.  Kindergarten has music twice per week.

Ms. Mary E. Grenchus
Music and Performing Arts Department