St. Aloysius School celebrates 60 years Saturday

St. Aloysius School celebrates 60 years of existing, Saturday, St. Aloysius School children on First Communion Day in 1966 walk out to South Avenue before heading into church. — Courtesy Fisini Tomaselli; photo by Syd Greenberg.

Ask any alumni about St. Aloysius School, and they most likely will recall Sister Rita and her doughnuts. Having taught at the school for almost 30 years, many students fondly remember the smell of the doughnuts, which she baked for all the school events, her piano playing ability, and her genuine love for all the students in her care.

Others recall the May Crowning, the first day of school flag raising, the Christmas pageant, or the annual tradition to honor Msgr. McGuire’s March birthday, by gathering to sing not only Happy Birthday but also a selection of rousing Irish songs.  

Over the past 60 years, St. Aloysius has continued many of these special traditions, while staying focused on its mission to educate the minds and hearts of its students. With strong community backing, and true collaborative partnership with families, the school has nurtured academic, athletic, artistic and spiritual gifts in the children who passed through the halls of the school, since its opening in 1956.  

Over the years, programs and academics have evolved to ensure they are competitive and relevant in the 21st century. The school received the 2010 National Blue Ribbon Award, which reflects test scores that are consistently above national averages in math and reading. On average, about a third of eligible St. Aloysius students qualify for the Johns Hopkins Award, and students are regular recipients of writing, science and other academic awards. Students from St. Aloysius enter highly competitive high schools and continue on to some of the best colleges in the country.

However, the core mission of teaching students the importance of faith and service remains the same. Importantly, the students strengthen their understanding of the Catholic faith, and through regular service projects, both in and out of the community, understand how to put their beliefs into action.  

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