The School Advisory Board (SAB) provides leadership to foster an environment that promotes the mission of St. Aloysius School.  It serves in an advisory role to the Principal under the authority of the Office for Education of the Diocese of Bridgeport.  Specifically, the SAB is responsible for working closely with the Principal and Pastor on the development of the school’s strategic plan and annual operating budget as well as facilities, marketing and development activities.  The School Principal remains directly responsible for the school’s curriculum, programs and personnel, and reports to the Superintendent of Schools on those matters.

The formation of School Advisory Boards reflects the Diocese of Bridgeport’s desire to foster a more collaborative form of governance for its schools while respecting the authority and teachings of the Church.  The Principal, Pastor and HSA President are ex-officio members of the Board.  Other SAB members are nominated by the Principal or Pastor and approved by the Bishop, and serve two or three-year terms.  Parents of St. Aloysius students or church parishioners are eligible to serve.

2018-2019 Board

Fr. Robert Kinnally, Pastor Saint Aloysius Church, Executive Committee

Mr. Jim McPartlan, Chairman, Executive Committee

Dr. John Alfone, Principal, Executive Committee

Mr. Mark Connolly, Finance and Advancement Committees

Mr. Gerald Murray, Finance Committee

Mr. Karl Geercken, Secretary, Executive Committee

Mrs. Lindsay Pignataro, Angel Fund Coordinator, Advancement Committee

Mrs. Kelly Sullivan, HSA Co-President, Advancement Committee

Mrs. Erin Becker, Vice Chair, Executive Committee and Advancement,
                                and Building & Grounds Committees

Mr. Edward Gayer, Building & Grounds Committee

Mr. Bill Fessler, Advancement and Building & Grounds Committees

Mrs. Ellen McGinness, HSA Co-President, Advancement Committee

Mr. Wayne Zarnick, Finance Chair, Finance Committee