Nearly 65 years ago, our faith-based school was founded and has continued to grow and blossom throughout the decades. We challenge our students with an academically rigorous curriculum, latest technological and STEM initiatives, enrichment opportunities, a student leadership and mentorship program, and above all, a deep understanding of Catholic values and practices. 

Saint Aloysius School offers a safe and nurturing learning environment for grades K-8, allowing students to thrive through a holistic approach to education that impacts the whole child. Located in vibrant downtown New Canaan, our students have immediate access to the New Canaan Public Library that is utilized by both teachers and their students. 


The school’s disciplined approach to instruction has resulted in St. Aloysius students consistently achieving above-grade-level scores on standardized tests. The students receive a broad-based, challenging education. STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) is integrated into the already enriched core curriculum. St. Aloysius School partners with Stanford University to offer academic enrichment to its students using an online, interactive program in mathematics, reading and literature to meet the learning challenges and inquisitiveness of the gifted student while being an excellent tool of review and study for students of all abilities.


Student to Teacher Ratio

Two-Time Winner

of CT Science Fair (2017 & 2018)


of Faculty Hold Advanced Degrees

The challenging curriculum is fully aligned with and exceeds the guidelines of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) while incorporating Gospel values. The curriculum consists of instruction in Mathematics, Reading, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Religion. In grades 5 through 8, the students participate in science lab; this includes lab work, journals, and a science project. The students participate in the annual Science Fair and have often earned honors at state competitions.


The Religion program reflects the mission statement of St. Aloysius School whereby the school community is permeated by Catholic teachings and values. On a daily basis, the curriculum and the students’ daily life are intertwined with faith and character. They grow to understand the roots of their faith and their responsibilities as Christians. Spiritual development is encouraged through the participation of each class in the First Friday liturgy, which includes readings, petitions, music, and servers. The student body participates in special liturgies on Holy Days of obligation, prayer services such as commemorating the great losses to this community on September 11th, and devotions to Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

The subjects of Music and Art are taught to all grades K-8. Children participate in Musical productions throughout the school year. The program focuses on developing an appreciation for music from all generations and cultures. Music theory is also part of the program. Religious hymns are learned and sung at mass and special liturgies. The Art program encourages students to experience art through the elements and principles of design. One of the key objectives is the emphasis placed upon enjoyment and the process of creating art, rather than the results.


Technology at St. Aloysius School is a dynamic component to the cross-curricular incentive. The computer is used as a learning tool in virtually every subject taught at St. Aloysius School. The curriculum has been mapped (refer to the Curriculum Mapping tab) making even the novice more comfortable incorporating the computer into the classroom.

Spanish is part of the core curriculum. Spanish culture is integrated into the study of the language.  Upon graduation from St. Aloysius, students have met the requirement for Spanish 1.

All grades receive instruction in Physical Education. The older students are encouraged to participate on the Fall and Spring Cross Country teams as well as the Volleyball and Basketball Varsity and Jr. Varsity teams.

Our K-8 school has graduated students who are amply prepared for the challenges of high school and beyond. Attending competitive high schools, our students rank among the best. Ultimately, it is our goal for our students to become life-long learners and engaged world citizens who demonstrate integrity, respect and responsibility in all that they do.

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“We were particularly drawn to the impressive Kindergarten program. The atmosphere was nurturing, fun, and impressively academic. The children were taught accountability, independence, and love of our Catholic faith from the first day. They were able to develop relationships with students from grades 1-8 through playground interactions, school mass, after school programs, and our unique buddy system. While there is a common faith, the overall community offers some healthy diversity with a multitude of perspectives from other towns and demographics. We found that St. Aloysius appropriately challenged our children academically and they were very well prepared when it was time to move on to new schools.”

- Gretchen, Parent of Current & Graduated Students