Is St. Aloysius School a Common Core school?

No, we are not. We support the NCEA’s National Catholic Education Association’s statement from May 31, 2013 regarding Common Core. Please visit their site here.

Does St. Aloysius Schools use Common Core materials in our classrooms? 

At St. Aloysius School, we believe in preparing our students for the next level: preparatory high schools, college readiness, and to have the ability to participate in a global society.  The superintendent, principals and teachers of the Diocese of Bridgeport, who work together to meet the needs of our students, set our curriculum.  Schools are required to have a textbook for all major content areas. These textbooks serve as the foundation for instruction.  St. Aloysius School provides a rigorous academic curriculum that integrates faith and knowledge. We continue to seek the best instructional practices to meet the needs of our students.  To this end, we use a variety of publishers across the major content areas.  We purchase materials from internationally known publishers whose primary customer base consists of public schools.  Since textbooks are created with public schools in mind, and because a large number of states have adopted Common Core, those textbooks may be labeled “Common Core”.  In short, the standards set forth by CCSS (Common Core State Standards) address the basic skills that are already in place within our curriculum.