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No students under the age of 18 or still in High School should be on any school employee or volunteer’s friends list on any personal social networking site other than a family member or other adult who is specifically listed on a minor’s emergency contact list.  Personnel may not send a “friend request” to a student or accept a “friend request” from a student on any personal social networking site or Internet blog.

Parent volunteers are NOT permitted to take photos of students and post them on social media.

Below is the NEW St. Aloysius School policy for parents.

Facebook® and other Social Media Postings of Student Photographs

St. Aloysius School works to protect the confidentiality rights of all students.  The Family Education Rights, Privacy Act of 1973 (FERPA) and the Child Protection Act of 2012 (CPA) were designed to protect personal identifiable information of minors.  St. Aloysius School adheres to these laws in its attempt to protect the privacy rights of all students.  As a result, the parents of students enrolled at St. Aloysius School are not permitted to post photographs taken at school-sponsored events that include the images of students other than their own on their personal Social Media webpages.  Such postings are a violation of the St. Aloysius School’s adherence to FERPA and the Child Protection Act.