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It is our strong belief that a student’s appearance at school has an impact on his/her attitude, behavior and readiness to learn. A formal dress code is not meant to stifle the individuality of our students since every child still remains unique and special while wearing a uniform that shows membership in our community of faith and learning. It is important that we establish a standard of modesty and decorum that contributes toward an environment of respect and mutual understanding. Parents have the primary responsibility for ensuring that their children follow these guidelines. Teachers also have a responsibility for taking appropriate action when guidelines are not followed.


The regular school uniform is to be worn on each school day except during the time period designated for the Spring/Fall uniform or on days when a student is scheduled for physical education class. If an upper school (5-8) student is scheduled for physical education on a day when a First Friday, Holy Day or special liturgy is taking place, the regular uniform must be worn. Students will be given time to change into Gym uniforms after Mass. Blazer jackets must be worn at all church and school functions.

Only the principal of St. Aloysius School may grant exceptions to the uniform policy. On any days when the uniform guidelines are relaxed or changed, specific guidelines will be given to students about appropriate attire.

Please be sure that when you purchase shirts, they are of sufficient length to stay tucked into pants, shorts or skirts. Skirts and walk shorts must be knee length. Also, please take into consideration that your child will be growing in the coming year and you may need to purchase the next size uniform or socks to be in compliance.

Hair / Accessories

Hair styles must be neat and conservative. Bangs must be above the eyebrow for both boys and girls. Boy’s hair should be above the shirt collar and neatly trimmed.  Hair should be clean and no extreme hair coloring, styles (mohawks) or bleaching is permitted. It is advisable for girls to wear their hair tied back in ponytails, braids, etc. for health and safety reasons. Scrunchies, hair clips, bows, etc. may be worn in the hair (not the wrist) and should be in school plaid or solid colors that match the colors of the uniform. No bandanas are permitted.


The school has remained steadfast in its philosophy of developing spiritual values. Our school is blessed with devoted teachers who are focused on academic excellence while integrating faith into every subject. Each teacher is unique in their teaching style and provides a challenging yet exciting and engaging curriculum. The school is current with the latest technology. When our daughters are dropped off in the morning, we are confident they will be taught, guided, and loved the same as if they were at home. 
          - Nina, Former Student & Current Parent