As a Catholic school, prayer is an integral part of daily life. In addition, we show our students how to live their faith, beginning with small acts of kindness as well as participating in significant community service projects. Our focus on spiritual development helps students to develop the right moral compass to guide their decisions, big and small.

Celebrating Mass

All students attend Mass weekly in the church. On the first Friday of every month, the entire school comes together to celebrate Mass as a community. Each month is hosted by the different grade. First Friday Masses are followed by a coffee reception for parents and the host grade. It's a wonderful tradition!

Receiving Sacraments

Our second graders prepare for and receive the sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion together as a class. All of the preparation takes place in the classroom, during the school day.

Our eighth graders prepare for and receive the sacrament of Confirmation together as a class. Just like the second grade, the students receive all the preparation during the school day. Our students do not need to attend CCD to get their religious education or sacrament preparation.


“The school has remained steadfast in its philosophy of developing spiritual values. Our school is blessed with devoted teachers who are focused on academic excellence while integrating faith into every subject. Each teacher is unique in their teaching style and provides a challenging yet exciting and engaging curriculum. The school is current with the latest technology. When our daughters are dropped off in the morning, we are confident they will be taught, guided, and loved the same as if they were at home.”

- Nina, Former Student & Current Parent