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At St. A’s we are blessed to have our After School Programs sponsored by OUR own teachers. In addition, we have added several offerings from outside educators.

It has been proven that after school activities help students develop social skills, improve academic performance, and help them build strong supportive relationships with adults other than their parents. Young children benefit especially from the social skills development and improved academic skills.

Please find registration forms below, or visit the bulletin board outside the Main Office to obtain a registration forms.  Or you can email us at office@sasnewcanaan.org and we will send a form home with your child.

Weekly Club Offerings - Beginning September 18th

All clubs run 2:30 -  3:30 - Please pick up promptly at 3:30.  

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Coding - Game Development


American Girl - Doll Club



Sculpture Art







agm-thumb.jpg   American Girl Doll Club - Click HERE for form



chess-square_0_0.jpg      Chess Club - Click HERE for form


  dance.jpg     Dance - Click HERE for form


sculpture.jpg         Art Club - Sculpture - Click HERE for form



games.JPG       Coding - Game Development - Click HERE for form


legorobot.jpg       Robotics Engineering - Click HERE for form