At St. A's, our goal is to make every child feel welcomed and accepted. When your child comes to our school as a transfer, you can rest assure that our community will welcome your child and your family with open arms. We have several programs in place as part of the application and enrollment process that help make the transition as smooth as possible.

Shadow Days

During the application process, your child will spend a day with his/her potential classmates to get a feel of not only the academics, but the classroom dynamics.

Mentor Family

Once enrolled, you will receive all the information you need, including being assigned a Mentor Family. This is a family in your child's grade. They serve as a point of contact for any questions you have. Mentor and New families often stay in touch over the summer and continue to have a strong bond once the new school year begins.

Summer Play Dates

Your mentor family will arrange for a time over the summer for your child to get together with classmates. They can be one-on-one interactions, but often, the whole class is invited for a summer gathering. Walking in on the first day knowing your classmates goes a long way. Gathering have included meetups at the park, trips for frozen yogurt, etc.

New Family Reception

A long standing tradition at St. A's is the New Family Reception hosted by our Home School Association. This parent-only evening event is a wonderful way for new families to meet our community. It's a well-attended and fun way to kick-off the school year!