The Upper School academic program requires serious study and gives attention to the students developing their social responsibility as Christians, as well as to their development of a strong faith. Subscribing to the six pillars of character, the students build confidence and self-esteem all of which prepare them to deal with the complexities of the high school years and beyond. During this process, teachers guide students toward individual and intellectual growth by offering personal and on-going support.

The academic program includes: Religion, mathematics, language arts, science, social studies, foreign language, music, art, technology, and physical education. The science program introduces science lab into the curriculum in fifth grade. Spanish is taught several times each week. Religious instruction includes each class attending weekly mass and preparing the readings for the First Friday of the Month Mass. Spiritual growth is enhanced by special events such as receiving the sacrament of Reconciliation during Advent and during Lent, reciting the Stations of the Cross each week during Lent, participating in May Crowning, and studying the lives of the Saints. The Rosary is recited in October and May that are the months that honor the blessed Mother. The Buddy System is a special program in which the eighth grade students receive a second grade buddy as they share a sacramental year and a Sacramental Retreat. The Buddy System also exists between the seventh and first grades and the sixth and kindergarten grades. Buddies build community through sharing arts and crafts time, reading together and joining for the Halloween parade.

Field trips, Assemblies, Student Council, community service projects (including projects with the New Canaan chapter of the Knights of Columbus), and after-school clubs enhance the regular program. Students may also participate on junior varsity and varsity volleyball and basketball teams. The St. Aloysius School Bulldogs are a member of the Fairchester League. Fall and spring Cross Country teams are also available.

The Music program focuses on singing and listening to a varied repertoire of music, analyzing and describing music, evaluating music and music performers, reading and notating music, understanding relationships between music and other arts and understanding music in relation to history and culture. The Music program supports all school liturgies and Christmas programs. The Performing Arts sing at masses and all holy day masses, and perform at special occasion assemblies.

The Art program encourages students to experience art through the elements and principles of design. One of the key objectives is the emphasis placed upon enjoyment and the process of creating art rather than the results.

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The Technology program follows the Connecticut Computer Competency Standard; programs and software are introduced at each grade level. The computer curriculum spirals whereby skills are reinforced while advancing the students’ knowledge and application. Teachers and students integrate technology into various content areas across all grade levels. By graduation, students will have been prepared in all common uses of Microsoft Applications and Apple iLife as well as the iPad and the Chromebook. In addition, the students will have been taught the social and ethical responsibilities that come with using today’s technology. Grades kindergarten through four will work on iPads and MacBook Pros; grades five through eight will work on Chromebooks, students will conduct internet-based research, podcasting, digital storytelling, and are exposed to cross-curricular integration of curriculum and technology.

Art, Music, Physical Education, Computer, and Spanish are incorporated across all subject matter within the classroom but receive concentrated focus when taught by specialists.